Zionist forces arrest six Palestinian citizens in West Bank

The series of hostile actions of Zionists against are still continuing in different parts of the occupied lands and territories. Zionist military forces attacked Palestinian citizens in the , Al-Ahad News reported.

According to the report, a fierce clash took place between the ’s military forces and Palestinian citizens following the brutal attack of Zionist forces on the Bank.

In the course of these fierce clashes, the Zionist regime’s military forces detained six Palestinian citizens in the West Bank.

This is while the Joint Chamber of Palestinian Groups recently condemned the Zionist regime’s crimes in the occupied lands and territories as well as in the West Bank.

The Joint Chamber of Palestinian Resistance Groups said in a statement that it is monitoring the ongoing events in as well as efforts of ’s officials to impose new conditions on Palestinians.

The statement addresses that Zionists regime crimes at this level is dangerous and requires a strong response.

Zionist regime is responsible for the consequences of its crimes against Palestinians in the occupied lands and West Bank, the statement added, “We will not allow Zionists to commit new crimes. Instead of paying costs for their past crimes, they are now committing new crimes against Palestinians.”


Source link:mehrnews

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