Yemenis stand by Lebanese against Saudi boycott

Abdullatif al-Washali
, Sana’a


has banned all imports from after criticisms of the Saudi-led coalition war on by Lebanon’s Information Minister George Kordahi.

The United Arab Emirates, , and also summoned their envoys to Lebanon in to Kordahi’s comments.

The concerted move has sparked outrage in Yemen where people have unanimously condemned it. Yemenis say Riyadh can’t stop the people from telling the truth about its years-long war on the country.

Meanwhile, Yemeni officials have called for banning the imports from Saudi Arabia in response to the Saudi halt on Lebanon imports.

In an interview on Monday, Kordahi described the as “futile” and said it was time to end it.  He also defended Yemen’s movement, saying they were “defending themselves against an external aggression.

People say they will stand by their Lebanese brothers to stop Riyadh’s violations of Lebanon’s sovereignty. They called on the free people of the world to support Kordahi for his brave statements amid the continued international apathy toward the Saudi war on Yemen.

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