Yemen condemns UN for failing to act against Saudi war crimes

Abdullatif Al-washali

TV, Sana’a

President of ’s Supreme Political Council Mahdi al-Mashat has sent a stern message to the ’ Secretary General António Guterres, slamming the world body’s inaction regarding Arabia’s bloody war on Yemen.

In the message sent to on United Nations Day, Mashat called on the UN to stop manipulating the facts in Yemen for political ends. He said the world body has effectively covered up for Saudis during seven years of war and blockade.

He added that the UN failure to renew the mandate of the Council’s Group of Eminent Experts is yet another proof of how the Saudis are bribing their way through the world body.

and its allies launched a devastating war on Yemen on March 2015. The war has killed tens of thousands of people including and children and has pushed the country to the brink of famine.

Yemenis say the United Nations continues to apply when dealing with the ongoing Saudi crimes against millions of Yemenis. They believe that the ’s operations are legitimate as it is defending the sovereignty of Yemen, which is the only way forward to put an end to the humanitarian crisis in the country.

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