Why Kashmir has not accepted accession to India?

Shahana Butt
TV, Indian-controlled Kashmir

October 27, 1947 marks the arrival of the Indian Army on Kashmir soil for the first time. Seventy-four years down the line, today Kashmir is the world’s largest militarized zone.

Princely state of Kashmir acceded to after a conditional accession. And till date, the condition remains unfulfilled.

India then offered help to the ruler of Kashmir to secure the boundaries of the then Princely state and today it claims the region in its entirety and rules it in parts.

For the past many decades, people of Kashmir have observed October 27th as a black day. People would close down shops, businesses and other activities to remind India of its unfulfilled promise.

However, after the revocation of Kashmir’s special status in August 2019, people of the region have developed a fear for expressing their sentiments openly thus a partial shutdown was witnessed in Kashmir today.

Experts say the exemplary defeat of America in has changed a lot in south Asia. And considering the geo-strategic location of Kashmir, the world cannot afford to overlook the aspirations of the Kashmiri people.

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