Vaccination of students should be seriously pursued: Iran’s President

(ISNA) – Referring to the importance and role of ’s scientific and educational in the dynamism of society, the President said, “The should cooperate with the Ministries of Science and Education, should plan to reopen schools and in December according to guidelines”.

Speaking on Saturday at the meeting of the National Task Force Against , emphasized that the people should continue to pay serious attention to the observance of protocols and guidelines, adding, “The need to observe health protocols is inevitable. Meanwhile, gatherings and anything that increases the risk of the disease should also be avoided”.

Referring to the importance and role of the country’s scientific and educational environment in the dynamism of society, he stressed, “Considering the vaccination of students over 12 years old and , it is possible to reopen educational centres from December in accordance with health protocols”.

The President said, “With the set of preventive and appropriate measures that have been taken through the relevant agencies, especially health and treatment, we hope to prevent the next wave and to protect the health of the people effectively”.

Referring to the proposal of the Ministry of Interior to develop a one-year roadmap to deal with corona, Dr. Raisi stated, “In compiling this roadmap, the opinions of different agencies and all provinces should be used”.

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