UN envoy voices concern over threats to target Hudaydah

Abdullatif Al-Washali

TV, ’a

In his recent briefing to the Security Council, the envoy for Hans Grundberg said the threats to target Hudaydah port are worrying as the port is the lifeline to many .

He added that the UN Mission to support Hudaydah Agreement will undertake an inspection of the port as part of its mandate.

Hours after Grundberg’s statement, the UN Mission to support Hudaydah Agreement refuted the allegations saying there is no indication of any militarization of the infrastructure in the port of Salif in Hudaydah.

Grundberg stressed that the continued closure of Sana’a airport and the restrictions on the movement of goods, including fuel, are harming the population in unjustifiable ways and Yemeni will be the most affected by fuel shortages.

Although the international law protects ports as civilian facilities, observers say will continue attempting to justify targeting Hudaydah port. People here hold the UN responsible for any attack against the Yemeni port.

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