UK Government apologizes for Muslim ‘extremist’ smear

Robert Carter

, Slough

A victory has been recorded in the battle against the state-backed “Islamist extremism” narrative after the British government admitted defeat in lengthy legal battle against a smeared Muslim activist.

In a statement read out in open court, Home Secretary Priti Patel apologized to Dr. Salman Butt, Chief Editor of Muslim website “Islam21c” after he was wrongly branded an “extremist hate preacher” in 2015 by the then David Cameron.

Speaking to TV, the doctor explained his joy at winning a long and costly five year battle for justice.

The win sets a new precedent, ensuring that Muslim of speech is better protected and can win if smeared.

The doctor’s work involves lecturing, defending Islamic opinions and platforming Muslims. His win means he can continue his work with a clean reputation.

The significance of this breakthrough remains very deep despite the story not receiving the coverage it deserves. Going forward Islamophobic commentators may think twice before branding other Muslims with the extremist label.


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