Translations of Quran in 6 Languages Published in UAE

TEHRAN (IQNA) – The Zayed CulturalIslamic Institute in the United Arab Emirates has published new renderings of the Holy Quran in s languages.

Translations of Quran in 6 Languages Published in UAE

According to al-Bayan website, the new translations are in
French, Chinese, Filipino, Indonesian and Spanish.

Muza al-Katbi, an official with the institute, said it plans
to publish Quran translation in 12 more languages, including German, Russian,
Swahili, and Sinhalese.

He added that the institute aims to promote the Islamic
culture and in line with this objective provides new Muslim converts and others
interested in the Islamic culture with educational services such as teaching the

The educational programs are organized in various languages,
he noted.

Al-Katbi added that there also social programs for converts,
which include sending them on Hajj pilgrimage.

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