‘terrorist incident’ rocks UK city on remembrance day

Saeed Pourreza


A weekend terror incident in Liverpool, . One man killed, one injured and FOUR aged between 20 and 29 arrested under the controversial counter law. The mood among some, shock and disbelief.

This is the moment it happened outside Liverpool ’s .

The inside, now dead, was the suspect says carried an improvised explosive device into the taxi. The driver, David Perry, who locked the suspect in the to prevent a worse situation, escaped with minor injuries.

The timing has had everyone thinking: just two minutes before Remembrance Sunday, when the entire country remembers Britons killed in wars.

In Monday, the government raised the terror threat level from substantial to severe, warning residents to be vigilant.

There are still three police cordons in the city: one here at the women’s hospital, the site of , and at two major streets. Police are still working to establish the circumstances of what happened. They also say they have identified the deceased suspect but haven’t reveal his identity. They have determined the cause of the explosion but the perpetrators motivation is yet to be found out.

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