Tens of Turkey-Backed Militants Killed, Wounded in Intensified Infighting in Northern Aleppo

Tens of Turkey-Backed Militants Killed, Wounded in Intensified Infighting in Northern Aleppo

TEHRAN (FNA)- A local source in Northern Aleppo confirmed that over 90 militants have been killed or wounded in clashes between the Ankara-backed gunmen of al-Shamiyeh Front and Suleiman Shah fighters near a border town.

The source from al-Shahba region reported that three days ago after the Turkish army appointed Abu Hatem al-Dayeri as the commander of al-Shamiyeh Front, clashes restarted between al-Shamiyeh and members of Suleiman Shah in al-Shahba region West of the border town of Jarabulus in Northern Aleppo.

The source further added that the clashes between the rival terrorists expanded up to the Central part of al-Qandoureh region West of Jarabulus, adding that 40 militants have been killed and over 50 others have been wounded from both sides.

The source pointed out that the clashes are still underway.

A militant commander in Northern Syria disclosed on Saturday that Ankara initiated a plan to purchase large swathes of land in Northern Aleppo to annex them to Turkey.

The commander revealed that Turkish officials formed a committee, that also includes several local people, to satisfy and persuade civilians to sell their buildings in return for a large amount of cash.

The committee was duty bound to persuade the owners of the lands in Northern town of al-Bab that the buyers would only own the buildings and the lands would remain under their ownership.

The committee promised to give residential buildings in al-Rai region at Turkey-Syria border to those people who would sell their buildings to Turkish buyers, the terrorist commander further disclosed.

He further added that Turkey had a detailed plan to annex vast parts of Northern Syria to its soil, adding that Ankara intends to divide the regions under the control of its affiliated forces into two regions affiliated to Turkey’s Kilis and Gaziantep regions to monitor and run tasks and affairs in Northern Syria.

And in a later stage, the annexed regions would start developing economic links with Turkey and would start using Turkish lira in their trade transactions.   





Source: fars