Tens of Militants Receive Gov’t Amnesty in Key Town in Western Damascus

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian government pardoned tens of militants that handed over their arms to the country’s Army and applied for amnesty in the newly-captured town of Madhaya in the Western parts of Damascus province.

Almost 300 militants handed over their weapons to the army men and joined the peace agreement in Madhaya, local sources confirmed, adding that the relevant official have studied the militants’ amnesty applications and pardoned them.

The sources, meantime, said that after the terrorists left Madhaya completely yesterday the army’s engineering units started defusing landmines and bombs planted in the town.  

Military sources in Western Damascus reported on Saturday that the army troops entered the town of Madhaya after gunmen and their family members left the town for militant-held regions in the Northern parts of the country.

The sources said that after evacuation of the gunmen, who refused to join the peace agreement with the Syrian government, and their family members from Madhaya and their departure towards Ramouseh garages South of Aleppo, reconciliation committees, including the army soldiers, entered the town of Madhaya to study amnesty applications of the remaining pockets of the militants and restore security to the town.

They added that government service institutions would resume operation in Madhaya as soon as full security is restored to the town.





Source: fars