Tehran to host Iran REC 2021 next week

The international conference and will be held with the aim of examining the challenges facing the development of in and providing solutions to improve the business environment in this area during the coronavirus and amid sanctions.

The most important topics which are going to be discussed at this international exhibition by both domestic and foreign speakers are as follows; Policies and programs of the government for , challenges of the renewable energy market in the country and the ways to move out of the current situation, new financing methods and presence of large industries for investing in the renewable energy field for supplying , the localization policies of the renewable and study of the development of renewable energy in the world, etc.

At the opening of the exhibition, the country’s top companies active in the field of renewables will be rewarded with the National Renewable Energy Award which has been designed and provided by the Iran Renewable Energy Association in collaboration with the Energy Ministry, Iran’s Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Organization (known as SATBA), Vice Presidency for Science and other relevant organizations.

The award is aimed at motivating the development of renewable energy in the country, raising public awareness about renewable energies, recognizing successful national examples of renewable energy development, and helping to form and complete the renewable energy ecosystem in the country.


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