Syria’s President Scraps Post of Mufti of Republic

(IQNA) – President Bashar al-Assad issued a decree on Monday boosting the role of the Fiqh council of the country’s Awqaf Ministry.

Syria Fiqh Council


The decree also abolished the post of the Mufti of Republic, held by Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun, reported.

According to the decree, the Awqaf minister of is the president of the council and two of his deputies are its members.

Other members include head of the Union of Levant Scholars, first Sharia judge in , 30 top Syrian scholars representing all of the country’s denominations, a representative of Friday prayer leaders, five Quran scholars, and representatives from religious .

The council is tasked, among other things, with announcing Fiqhi (Islamic jurisprudential) rules about religious issues and determining the beginning and end of lunar Hijri months.

The decision to scrap the position of Mufti of Republic came after an interpretation of a verse of the Quran by Hassoun that drew angry reactions by the council members consider it distortion of the verse.




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