Sit-In Held in London to Demand Release of Bahraini Revolution Leaders  

(IQNA) – A sit-in has been held in front of the Bahraini in , , to demand the release of political activists and revolution leaders from the Manama regime’s prisons.  

Ali Mushaima


Ali Mushaima, son of jailed secretary-general of ’s opposition Haq Movement, Hasan Mushaima, is among those taking part in the sit-in, which began on Monday morning.

Ali said he would also begin a to draw attention to the conditions of political in Bahrain and demand their release.

Hasan Mushaima, 73, is suffering from and a number of other chronic diseases.

His family has frequently condemned the prison officials of neglecting his conditions, saying they hold the Al Khalifa regime responsible for his health.  

Mushaima has been jailed for life on charge of trying to overthrow the regime and for his role in the 2011 anti-regime protests.

The kingdom has seen anti-regime protests over the past ten years.

The major demand has been the ouster of the Al Khalifa regime and the establishment of a just and conclusive system representing all Bahraini nationals. The Manama regime has ignored the calls.


تحصن در لندن برای آزادی رهبران انقلاب بحرین

تحصن در لندن برای آزادی رهبران انقلاب بحرین





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