Shalamcheh-Basra railway needs to become operational soon

Iranian held a joint conference with his Iraqi counterpart, , at the Foreign Ministry compound in on Thursday afternoon.

During the press conference, the top said that “We are determined that the Shalamcheh railway to Basra will become operational as soon as possible and that the [Iranain] Minister of Roads will leave for Iraq next week in that regard.”

Amir-Abdollahian said that in their meeting the two diplomats emphasized the cooperation with the -Iraq Judiciall Committee to speed up work on the prosecution of the perpetrators behind the martyrdom of anti-terror commander Martyr and Iraqi Abu Mahdi Muhandis. 

“I heard a piece of news from the Iraqi counterpart that confirms the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq,” he added.

I hope the fifth round of Iran- Arabia talks to be held soon: Iraqi FM

The Iranian foreign minister also said that they had consulted on the cancellation of visas for citizens. 

The Iraqi foreign minister, for his part, said that “In today’s meeting with the Iranian Foreign Minister, we emphasized the expansion of relations, including in the economic field. This was a good opportunity for us to talk about , especially the in Iraq and the region.”

Hussein added, “We talked about Iraq-US relations, and the strategic dialogue between the Iraqi government and the American side, and the agreement between the two sides to withdraw US troops from Iraq.”

“It is important for us to discuss Iran’s relations with Iraq’s neighbors. Iraq played an important role in supporting the talks between Saudi Arabia and Iran, and we hope that the fifth round of talks will take place.

KI/FNA telegram

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