Senior cleric hails Raieisi's Russia visit, joint naval drill

“Today, science and economics have become tool for colonization and plundering the nations of the world, the bullying powers use this tool to seize the wealth of other nations for their own benefit,” Tehran’s Provisional Friday Prayers Seyyed Mohammad Hassan Aboutorabi-Fard said during this week’s Friday Prayers sermon in Tehran.

Aboutorabi-Fard stressed that Islamic teachings attach great importance to the people’s livelihood and recited a part of Nahjolbalagha in which Imam Ali (AS) wrott to Malek Ashtar to emphasize the inportance of the people’s welfare in the Islamic society. 

He added that of Iran based on the instructions from the Leader of the Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei stresses the necessity of a powerful economy alongside a powerful military .

The further said that does not separate politics from religion and added, “The separation of politics and economics from culture and spirituality in different eras has turned the history of politics and economics into a tool to produce power for the greedy human beings.”

Aboutorabi-Fard also said that Imam Ali (AS) stressed the need for an Islamic ruler to have power and spirituality.

The interim Friday Prayers leader also referred to the president  Raeisi’s visit to Russia and its coincidence with the combined naval exercises of Iran, Russia and , and said: “These events signal important changes in the future of the region and the world.”

He added, “According to many experts, the third millennium belongs to the Asian continent. The Asian continent with the largest population has an important feature because the role of population in future developments is very important. The United Nations predicts that in the future the Muslim population will surpass other religions.”

He added that Asia is the birthplace of divine religions.

“[Iranian]Army and naval exercises with Chinese and Russian navies in the Indian Ocean could play an important role in enhancing ,” he said the to combined that kicked off earlier today.


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