Saudi-led coalition launches heavy airstrikes on Yemen Ma'rib

fighter jets bombed Al-Wadi District in 15 times, Sarwah District 14 times and Al-Juba 5 times in ’rib province, Almasirah reported.

According to the report, also targeted the city of Khabb wa ash Sha’af District 8 times, the city of Al-Hazm in Al-Jawf province 3 times and the city of Maqbanah in Ta’iz province once.

On the other hand, Yemeni military sources said that the violated the in province in the past 24 hours126 times with , reconnaissance flights and semi-heavy weapons.

On March 26, 2015, , in the form of a coalition of several Arab countries and with the help and green light of the , launched large-scale attacks against Yemen, the poorest Arab country, under the pretext of returning the ousted and fugitive President Mansur Hadi to power to achieve its political goals and ambitions.


Source link:mehrnews

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