Saudi-led coalition claims it intercepted Yemeni drone

The -led coalition claimed on Wednesday that it has targeted a boat belonging to ’s Ansarullah in the south of the Red Sea, Turki al-Maliki Spokesman for the Coalition said.

also intercepted and downed a drone after taking off from International Airport, he added.

Concurrent with the consecutive defeats of -led Coalition forces in ’rib Front and joining of a group of forces linked to Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi, fugitive Yemeni president, to the forces in Sanaa, the official television of Saudi Arabia claimed that Yemeni boat belonging to Ansarullah has been targeted in the Red Sea.

Al-Maliki also claimed on Twitter that the boat was carrying explosives and had departed from province in western Yemen.

The Saudi coalition also claimed that coalition forces managed to intercept a drone.

Saudi Arabia, at the head of a -backed Arab coalition, launched a military aggression against Yemen and imposed a land-, air- and sea on March 26, 2015, claiming that it was trying to bring the ousted Yemeni president Mansur Hadi back to power.


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