Saudi-led coalition bomb communication bldg. in Al Hudaydah

warplanes continue to residential neighborhoods and infrastructures in Yemen’s western city of Hudaydah, leading to shot down of internet communication and .

The Saudi aggressor coalition bombed the communications building in province to prevent the spread of news and reports about its recent crimes against the Yemenis, Almasirah reported.

According to the report, a source in Yemeni General Directorate of Communications announced the cutting off Internet services in Yemen due to the on international Internet equipment in the communications building, which is the only Internet power supply in the northern and southern provinces.

Yemen lost its connection to the internet nationwide early Friday after Saudi-led targeted a site in the contested city of Hudaydah, an advocacy group said, plunging the war-torn nation offline.

Earlier, Saudi coalition fighter jets bombed Saada Central Prison. More than 60 were killed and more than 100 were in the atrocity. The Yemeni Ministry of Health said in a statement said that some of the victims of the attack are non-Yemenis.”


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