S Arabia sabotages in exit permit issuance for Iran envoy

Pointing out that the has issued the departure allowance of the Iranian ambassador with a delay, he said that Arabia and its supporters must be held accountable.

While expressing his condolences on the of the Iranian envoy, the Yemeni foreign minister said that martyr , with his presence alongside the besieged and oppressed Yemeni people, was a factor for solidarity and stability.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he pointed to the salient characteristics of martyr Irloo and stated that he strengthened solidarity between and Sana’a.

By creating coordination between Iran and Yemen in several regional and , martyr Irloo was a turning point in Yemen’s diplomatic interaction with the world, he underlined.

Irloo, who was also a chemical warfare veteran, contracted COVID-19 at his mission site in Yemen, spokesman said on Tuesday.

Due to the late cooperation of some countries, he, unfortunately, returned to the country in unfavorable conditions, and despite using all the treatment measures to improve his condition, he was martyred on Tuesday morning, Saeed added.

Irloo officially began his to Yemen in November 2020, in defiance of the United States’ anger at the two countries’ .


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