Registration Begins for Winter Quranic Course in Lebanon

(IQNA) – Registration has started for a Quranic course held by the Quran schools affiliated with ’s Al-Birr and At-Taqwa Society.

Quran learning in Lebanon


Students can take the Quranic course named “Rayaheen al-Quran” in person or online, via Zoom.

and teenagers aged 4 to 14 years can take the course, according to the organizers.

They will be given lessons on memorization of the , Quranic concepts and love for God, the Almighty.

It is aimed at promoting Quranic and religious skills among the participants and encouraging them to listen to and learn from Quranic stories.

Films and photos will be used to teach Quran memorization to the children and help them learn skills.


دوره زمستانی «ریاحین القرآن» در لبنان


ثبت‌نام دوره زمستانی «ریاحین القرآن» در لبنان 



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