Raeisi congratulates Pope on Jesus Christ's birth anniversary

In a message on Friday, the President of the Islamic Republic of Ebrahim congratulated the birthday of (PBUH) to the Catholic of the world.

This blessing birth gives as an opportunity to honor Hazrat Maryam ( be upon her) and to recall the moral qualities of the model of altruism and the herald of the salvation of the oppressed, Hazrat Jesus Christ (AS) in standing against the tyranny of the oppressors and promising a bright future for humanity,” the said in his message.

further expressed his gratitude to the Pope for his efforts to bring the hearts views of the followers of the Abrahamic religions closer to each othe.

He also said that he would ask God Almighty to bestow and success to and happiness and blessing to all the servants of God and all human beings.


Source link:mehrnews

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