Quranic Course for PMU Forces Concludes in Kadhimiya

(IQNA) – The closing ceremony of a Quranic course for PMU forces was held by the Astan (custodianship) of Al-Kadhimiya in .


The cultural department of the Astan staged a course on memorization and tajweed for the forces, reported.

The course was co-organized by the department of the of the PMU which is also known as Hashd al-Shaabi.

Saad Muhammad Hassan, deputy secretary-general of the Astan of Al-Kadhimiya holy shrines as well as officials from the PMU attended the ceremony.

The ceremony began with a recitation from the Holy Quran by one of the course’s graduates. Ammar Al-Moussawi, head of the Quran center in Al-Kadhimiya, as well as Sheikh Muhammad Al-Silawi, doctrinal guidance officer in the 10th brigade, addressed the event.

The ceremony concluded with the distribution of certificates of appreciation and gifts to the participating learners and organizers of this Quranic session.

The PMU is a government-sponsored umbrella organization composed of around 40 factions of volunteer counter- forces, including mostly Shia Muslim groups like Asa’ib, besides Sunni , and Kurds.


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