Quran Written on Gold Pages Gifted to Imam Ali’s (AS) Holy Shrine

TEHRAN (IQNA) – A copy of the Holy Quran written on gold pages by Seyyed Ali Asghar Mousaviyan was gifted to the custodian of Imam Ali (AS) holy shrine in Najaf, Iraq.

Quran in Gold Gifted to Imam Ali’s (AS) Holy Shrine

According to imamali.net, the Quran written in 54 pages in
Naskh script, weighs more than 30 kg and will be put on display at the museum of
the holy shrine.

It was gifted in a ceremony held at Hazrat Zahra (SA)
Courtyard of the holy shrine on the birthday anniversary of Imam Ali (AS).

The program was attended by representatives of the holy
sites in Iraq, representatives of Shia sources of emulations, seminarians and Iraqi

Quran in Gold Gifted to Imam Ali’s (AS) Holy Shrine

Recitation of verses from the Quran and speeches by Seyyed Nazar Hashim Hablul
Matin, the custodian of the holy shrine, on the characteristics and virtues of Imam Ali
(AS), choral Quran recitation and Tawasheeh (religious singing) performance were different parts of
the program.

It was the second copy of the Divine Book written by the
Iranian calligrapher on pages of gold. He wrote the first copy in 2014.



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