President Raisi praises the People of Hormozgan

/ Iran news: Speaking on Thursday morning during his fourteenth provincial trip and upon arrival in province,  talked about the goals and plans of the trip, saying: “The history of Hormozgan has recorded the , courage, and bravery of the people of the province against aggressors”.

The President pointed out that before the trip, delegations were sent to the Southern province and thanks to the representative of the , the governor-general and economic, political and social actors, they could identify the needs of Hormozgan, adding: “, tourism and the maritime have very good fields and capacities for development, and with these capacities, we should not see some shortcomings, poverty and unemployment in the province”.

Stating that there is a high level of security in the province, which has led to good security in the Persian Gulf, he said: “I feel obliged to thank the armed forces of the province for providing good security in the sea and sky of Hormozgan and the Persian Gulf with their conscious and insightful presence.”

Ayatollah Raisi stated: “In the light of the existing security in Hormozgan, any kind of in the province can be guaranteed and by relying on these investments, efforts can be made to develop Hormozgan.”

“The 13th administration has made good plans for the development of Hormozgan in various fields so that it can take effective steps in this regard and make people and economic actors feel that effective steps are being taken in this direction,” he said.


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