Pres. Raisi appears in gathering of orphans, disabled children on Yalda Night

News: Ebrahim congratulated Yalda Night and expressed his happiness for being present in the gathering of the and advised them to study well and pay attention to their and health.

“Dear children, thank your compassionate and kind coaches try to provide you with peace and comfort, and know that the best appreciation for them is that you study well and be successful people so that you can serve your country,” Raisi told the children, adding: “In all the efforts that the coaches make for you, all their happiness is to feel comfortable and at ease and think that you are at home”.

Raisi also thanked the men and who were working in the charity centre and said: “You have a great job to do. This is the fact that you are trying to fill the gap for the parents of these children and make them happy and cheerful, and you will surely enjoy endless rewards before God Almighty.”


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