Polish PM calls for ‘concrete steps’ from NATO amid migrant crisis

Press/ : Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki also added that Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia may ask for consultations under Article 4 of the treaty, which allows any ally to request consultations if it feels its territorial integrity, political independence or security is threatened.

“It is not enough just for to publicly express our concern — now we need concrete steps and the commitment of the entire alliance,” Morawiecki told the state news agency PAP on November 14.

Polish authorities say they expect a major attempt by to break through the country’s border with Belarus by force, a day after more than 200 of them tried to force their way into the EU member state.

Thousands of people, mainly from the , are stuck in makeshift camps in dire conditions on the Belarusian side of the border, caught at the center of an escalating diplomatic row between Belarusian strongman Alyaksandr Lukashenka and the EU.

Minsk faces new over the crisis at the bloc’s eastern frontier, with EU officials accusing Lukashenka of provoking it to undermine the bloc’ security — which he denies.

“After a ‘quiet’ night in the vicinity of the camp in Kuznica, we are currently observing that more groups of armed officers of Belarusian services are located in this site,” the Polish border guards tweeted on November 14, adding: “We are noticing a commotion among migrants. There was also a TV broadcast van.”

The force wrote that migrants were “preparing today for a major attempt at crossing the border. Our forces are ready for action.”

Earlier, the border guards said they recorded 223 attempts to illeagally cross the border the previous day, while police said officers were attacked in the evening in the Kolonia Klukowicze area during such an attempt.

Earlier, Poland imposed a state of emergency on the Belarusian border amid a surge in migrants from countries such as and trying to cross, in what Warsaw says is a form of hybrid warfare designed to put pressure on the bloc over sanctions it imposed on Minsk.

Poland planned to strengthen its border with a system of motion sensors and cameras, modeling it on the Greek border with , its interior minister said.


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