Photo exhibition on Arbaeen held in Rome

Max Civili
, Rome

A two-day photographic and film on the annual pilgrimage of Arbaeen began in the Italian capital on Saturday.

Arbaeen marks the 40th day after the anniversary of Imam Hussein – the third Imam of Shia and a grandson of (PBUH). It is commemorated annually through a march being the biggest in the world and known as , from different countries to and holding ceremonies in the Iraqi city.

The initiative – organized by the Imam Mehdi Islamic Association and the NGO Arbaeen Travelogue – showcases a selection of photos from the world’s largest gathering in late September this year. The main focus of the exhibition is global justice.

Despite the , hundreds of thousands of Shia Muslim pilgrims converged on Karbala in late September to commemorate the end of the 40-day mourning period for the death of Imam Hussein.

People at the photo exhibition say Arbaeen should be seen as a model for our societies. One in which each and every one of has a role irrespective of our nationality, financial status, and ethnic or religious background.

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