PGCC, UK statement ‘baseless, divisive’: FM spox

Saeed Iranian Spokesman on Wednesday said that the hostile statement that was issued by and was in fact in line with “divisive” attempts by some “certain centers” that are concerned about growing interaction and cooperation among countries of the region.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has always played a responsible role in strengthening peace and in the region, Khatibzadeh said, adding that Iran has also called on countries of the region to engage in dialogue.

Unfortunately, with their certain measures such as massive modern arms sales to some states in the region are the prime suspect in the tensions and human catastrophes in the region, the spokesman emphasized.

He went on to say that the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran in accordance with its principled strategy and policies considers interaction and cooperation among countries of the region to be the solution to the region’s problems. 

The Foreign Ministry Spokesman  went on to conclude that contrary to the baseless allegations made in the statement issued by member states and Britain, Iran has always adhered to its obligations under Nonproliferation Treaty () and IAEA while it will enjoy benefits of peaceful use of energy under this agreement


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