Pakistan Condemns Vandalism of Mosques, Muslims’ Property in India’s Tripura

(IQNA) – strongly condemned the vandalism of multiple , homes, and businesses owned by Muslims in Tripura, , by hardline Hindutva rioters.


The Pakistani Foreign Office’s statement on Friday came following a new round of anti-Muslim in India. At least six mosques and over a dozen Muslim-owned homes and businesses have been set ablaze in the BJP-led state of Tripura in recent days.

Hindutva organizations RSS, VHP, and Bajrang Dal, are said to have carried out the attacks across the state during protests in response to violence in Bangladesh.

According to the FO, the state authorities have not only failed to safeguard Muslims and their property but have also been unresponsive to local Muslim organizations’ frantic pleas for assistance.

“It is reprehensible that the Hindutva driven BJP-RSS combine has a track record of conducting massacres and systemic violations of Muslims under its watch, from Gujarat in 2002 to New Delhi in 2020. There is little for minorities and their way of life in today’s India,” it added.

According to the FO spokesperson, it is also unacceptable that targeted and violent evictions of Muslims from their decades-old homes in Assam continue unabated.

Foreign Office urged the world community to play a role in halting the rise of and violence against minorities in India, particularly Muslims, and ensuring their protection, well-being, and the security of their places of worship and heritage sites.



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