Over 600 Inmates in Dubai Memorize Quran

(IQNA) – A total of 605 in , the , have learned the Quran by in the past two years, officials said.  

Inmates learn Quran


The General Department of Punitive and Correctional Institutions at Dubai Police engaged 1,228 inmates in educational, religious, , and professional programs in 2021.

The Inmates Educational and Training Programs Department comprises four sections: Educational Programs Section, Religious Programs Section, Sports Programs Section and Professional Training Section.

By encouraging inmates to learn and recite the , the number of inmates benefited from the Holy Quran Memorization reached 275 in 2021, while 333 benefitted in 2020, taking to 605 inmates memorizing Holy Quran in the past two years.

The inmates completed their education at different academic levels, in cooperation with the Dubai Educational Zone and local and international colleges and provides their library with the latest publications of all needed .

The Educational Programs Section also offers several courses and programs for inmates including, community-based initiatives industry courses, graphic design, filmmaking, English language, Chinese language, anger management, challenges and path to success, and creativeness course, etc.

Around 170 inmates benefitted from scientific courses last year, while 191 benefited from educational courses reached in 2020.



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