Nouri reacts to untranslated Swedish verdict

Iran Press/ Europe: “Hamid Nouri,” an Iranian citizen, was arrested by ’s security forces on November 9, 2019, upon his arrival to Sweden to follow up on family issues.

Nouri, now 61, has been held in solitary confinement for over two years, and his family has not been allowed to visit him in prison.

 Swedish court handed a life sentence to Hamid Nouri. It convicted him over the false charge of violations, namely alleged participation in executions of terrorists (MEK or Mujahedin-e-Khalq Organization) in the first decade of Iran’s .

According to the prosecution, Noury was an assistant prosecutor in prison near at the time of the events.

Hamid Noury has denied the charges.

Iranian officials earlier firmly announced that the arrest and trial of Hamid Nouri had no legal basis.

, in his first in response to the Iran Press, said: “The condition of  Iranian citizen Hamid Noori is important, so Iran’s  Ministry of Foreign Affairs is pursuing this matter seriously in order to protect its citizens.” 

Nouri stressed that he could not read the verdict issued against him after 19 days.

The Iranian citizen has just 21 days to ask for a court of appeal over the verdict.

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After his arrest, against all international laws, Nouri was not allowed to contact his family for four months, and the Swedish judicial system also did not allow Nouri, is kept in solitary confinement, to meet his family in person for two years. 

The Swedish court handed a life sentence to Hamid Nouri.

As Nouri said, the judiciary authorities were aware that he did not know Swedish, so they gave him the verdict in Swedish and did nothing to prepare a translator for him.


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