New injuries, arrests reported as Israel continues to target Palestinians

Israeli forces have stepped up their acts of against in the cities and villages of the occupied , including al-Quds, with new arrests, injuries, and assaults reported across the Palestinian territory in the latest round of clashes.

Israeli forces stormed the town of Sinjil, northeast of Ramallah, and fired tear gas canisters at Palestinians on Tuesday night, according to Today.

In al-Khalil, also known as Hebron, two young men were injured by rubber-coated metal bullets during clashes that erupted between Palestinian youths and the Israeli forces. The two men were subsequently taken to the .

Clashes also erupted in the town of al-Khader, south of Bayt Lahm, also known as Bethlehem, for the third consecutive day.

Eyewitnesses reported confrontations in the al-Tal area of the Old City of al-Quds, during which Israeli soldiers fired rubber-coated metal bullets, tear gas, and sound bombs at Palestinians.

Also on Tuesday, Palestinians held a peaceful in the town of Beit Ummar, north of al-Khalil, in support of Jenin and its refugee camp, where the citizens have been the target of relentless Israeli aggression in recent days.

A number of the sustained injuries after Israeli troops fired tear gas and sound bombs at them, activist Youssef Abu Maria said.

The Palestinian residents of al-Nasra, also known as Nazareth, also staged a rally on Tuesday to condemn Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people across the West Bank.

They raised banners calling on the entire world to stand by the Palestinian people in the face of Israeli atrocities.

1,100 Palestinians arrested in West Bank since January

Meanwhile, 1,100 Palestinians from the West Bank have been arrested by Israeli forces since the beginning of 2022, with 300 of them arrested in March alone, Walla Hebrew news website on Tuesday.

That figure is 50 percent of last year’s total number of arrested Palestinians, which was 2,200.

Thousands of Palestinians are being held in Israeli prisons, where they are subjected to systematic abuse, violations, and brutal attacks.

According to a Saturday report, the ’s soldiers have arrested 200 Palestinians from the Jenin governorate in the first quarter of 2022, half of them in March alone.

Israeli forces have intensified their attacks against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank since the beginning of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Five Palestinians, including two women, have been shot dead by Israeli forces in recent days.

Last May, similar atrocities led to a war between the Israeli military and the Gaza-based resistance groups, which rose up in protest against the Israeli regime’s inhumane practices.

This year, groups have already warned that dangerous ramifications await if it continues to attack and kill Palestinians.

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