Netanyahu should quit over corruption allegations

(PA) — The announcement late on Tuesday that Mr accepted around one million shekels (£200,000) in gifts from two billionaires dealt the prime minister an embarrassing blow after years of investigations, but did not appear to immediately rattle his lengthy rule as reaction largely fell along partisan lines.

Nearly all of Mr Netanyahu’s issued statements of support and no coalition partners appeared ready to bolt.

Mr Netanyahu’s coalition whip, David Amsalem, dismissed the recommendations and accused the police of committing “an illegitimate act here to attempt a coup d’etat in ”.

Opposition politicians, meanwhile, called on Mr Netanyahu to step down, and urged his coalition allies to abandon his government.

Labour Party Avi Gabbay said Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon and , leaders of two of the larger parties in Mr Netanyahu’s coalition, need to choose between supporting the prime minister and upholding the rule of law.

(Photo: PA)

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