Muslims’ unity necessary for realization of new Islamic Civilization: Leader

Tehran (ISNA) – On the occasion of the birth anniversaries of (pbuh) and Imam Sadiq (pbuh), the participants in the on Islamic Unity, the heads of the three branches of government (, executive, and legislative) together with a group of government officials met with the Leader of the Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei, in Imam Khomeini Hussainiyyah on Sunday.

Due to the , this meeting was held without the presence of the people.

The following are some of the main points of his speech:

On the auspicious birth anniversaries of the Great Prophet Muhammad and Imam Sadiq (pbut), I congratulate the Islamic nation and the world’s -thinking people and I send my greetings to the pure spirits of those were martyred on the path of Islam.

The birth of the is in fact the beginning of a new era in humankind’s life. It’s an announcement that a new era of the divine will and divine favors for humankind have commenced.

In any period of time, it is the believers’ duty to look at what situation they are in, what the religion expects of them, and what mission has been assigned to them. In this era, acting duly based on Islam’s comprehensiveness and the issue of Islamic unity appear to be very important.

Islam is an all-inclusive religion. One must act according to this all-inclusiveness. Worldly political powers insistently try to limit Islam to individuals’ deeds and beliefs. The Quran rejects this in 100s of verses. Islam is active in all social, political, international areas.

The Islamic Unity is definitely a Quranic obligation. The unity of Muslims is not a tactical matter that some people assume we should be united in certain situations. No, it is a principle. Cooperation between Muslims is necessary. If Muslims are united, they will all be strong.

An indicator of Muslim unity is the issue of Palestine. If Muslim unity is realized, the issue of Palestine will be solved in the best way. Some Islamic governments committed a grave sin by normalizing relations with the usurping, despotic Zionist regime. They must repent and compensate.

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