Muslim Teacher Taken Off Flight to New York Wants Answers

TEHRAN (IQNA) – The British Muslim teacher who was taken off a US-bound flight by security officials while on a school trip says he “gobsmacked” after the US embassy allegedly denied it happened.

Muslim Teacher Taken Off Flight to New York Wants Answers

Juhel Miah, 25, was travelling to New York with a group from
Llangatwg Comprehensive School, in Wales, when he was removed from the plane at
Reykjavic, Iceland.

Mr Miah, whose full name is Mohammed Juhel Miah, posted a
video of him being escorted off the plane on Snapchat on February 16.

Despite the footage, Mr Miah, who also had a valid visa,
said he received a letter from US embassy officials saying the incident didn’t

He told BBC Wales: “I was gobsmacked reading the letter. The
last paragraph — it says something like Mr Miah has not been denied entry to
America nor has he ever applied for a visa. Both those comments are not true.

He said he had an Esta (Electronic System for Travel
Authorisation) allowing him entry to the US until January 2019, which prove he
had the correct paperwork to travel.

He added: “When I read this I thought it was a joke at

“I am hoping to make as much noise as possible so someone
can hear me and someone can help me.”

Mr Miah, who is originally from Bangladesh, holds a British
passport and does not have dual nationality.

He believes his Muslim religion was the reason for what
happened, Wales Online reported.

He said: “I don’t want to put words into everybody’s mouth.

“I want someone to say, ‘This is why you were denied entry’.
I just want answers.

“I’m trying to get a solution but I’m not getting anywhere.”

Mr Miah, who teaches math at the 700-pupil school has vowed
to continue to fight for answers but said it did make him worry about
travelling in future.

He said: “I’m dreading going anywhere in the world
because I don’t want to be treated differently to anyone else, The Sun reported.

“The last thing I want is to be denied entry into a
different country.”

It comes after Donald Trump had signed an executive order to
stop people entering America from seven Muslim-majority countries sparking
numerous protests.

The American president has since proposed a revised order.

The US Embassy said it could not comment on individual

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