Milwaukee Hosts Sixth Muslim Film Festival

(IQNA) – Milwaukee, the largest city in the state of , hosted the largest Muslim in the country.


The sixth annual Milwaukee Muslim Film Festival kicked off at the Oriental Theatre on Thursday, Oct. 21, and ran through Sunday, Oct. 24.

The purpose of the Milwaukee Muslim Film Festival is to present topics and create meaningful discussions about Muslims and their experiences.

The festival also aims to pave the path for award-winning films to be discovered, and for filmmakers to receive the recognition they deserve.

This year’s festival featured eight films from across the globe that highlight the common humanity among people of all races, ethnicities and beliefs.

The Milwaukee Muslim Film Festival was organized by the Milwaukee Muslim ’s Coalition (MMWC), an organization dedicated to helping the local community gain a more accurate understanding of Islam in the Greater Milwaukee area.

The MMWC works closely with women and girls in the community, along with other organizations that advocate for justice and .

Founder of the Milwaukee Muslim Film Festival, and President of the MMWC, Janan Najeeb, spoke with WISN 12 News about the excitement this year’s film festival brings, as it was canceled last year due to the .

“What’s probably unique about this festival is that every single film that is shown has some type of talkback feature,” said Najeeb.

“Whether it’s the director or producer showing up, or whether we have a panel or someone that was within the film shows up. It’s an opportunity for discussion within the community.”




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