Lebanese parliament confirms holding parliamentary elections on March 27

: The body originally voted on Oct. 19 to hold the at that time but President Aoun sent the law back for reconsideration on Friday.

The vote passed on Thursday by 77 MPs but some, including members of Aoun’s Patriotic Movement (FPM), have been against the earlier date, expressed concern around whether a quorum was achieved for a second vote regarding the voting of Lebanese living abroad

The were originally expected in May.

Gebran Bassil, FPM and son-in-law of Aoun, withdrew alongside his alliance from the session on the back of the dispute, ending the session for the day.

“We withdrew from the session because of a major constitutional violation,” he said after leaving.

The March 27 election date would give Prime Minister Najib Mikati’s government only a few months to try to secure an recovery plan amid a deepening economic meltdown.


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