Kyrgyz, Tajik guards exchange fire in border shootout

/ Asia: The border disputes between and began after their independence from the Soviet Union. Various meetings have been held between the two countries in this regard, but disputes still remained unsolved.

On Tuesday, shots were exchanged after Tajik advanced on disputed area, the Kyrgyz service said in a statement.

Faced with the Tajiks’ refusal to stop their advance, Kyrgyz border guards “fired warning shots in the air”, the statement said.

“In response, Tajik border guards opened on Kyrgyz border guards.

“The stopped after negotiations between representatives… of the two countries,” the statement said, adding that a Tajik border guard had been shot and wounded.

Later, another exchange of fire occurred in which a Kyrgyz border guard was “seriously” wounded, the same source said.

Kyrgyzstan’s border guards later said a deal had been reached with Tajikistan to withdraw the additional troops deployed during the hostilities, in a bid to defuse . 219

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