Kabul people call for 'unity' between Iranian, Afghan nations

Following the attack on the Iranian in and the Consulate General in Herat, a group of in Kabul held a rally on Wednesday morning in front of the Iranian embassy.

Afghan people held signs reading  “No to seditionists”, “ and Iran united” and “We are brothers.” 

The citizens who attended the rally called for strengthening between the nations of Iran and Afghanistan and foiling plots of enemies who seek to tarnish friendly relations between the two countries.

Also, a group of people in Herat including businessmen and prominent individuals, attended the in the province, condemning the attack on this and appreciating Iran’s services to Afghanistan.

Speaking in a with the Iranian to Kabul,  said that it is the responsibility of the current governing body of Afghanistan to fully maintain the security of the diplomatic buildings of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the country and they must explain about the attack on the Iranian embassy in Kabul and the country’s consulate general in Herat. 

He also warned about the conspiracies of the common enemies in this regard.


Source link:mehrnews

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