Islamic Revolution Revived Society’s Islamic Identity

TEHRAN (IQNA) – A senior cleric described the Islamic Revolution of Iran as a great phenomenon of the 20th century, saying that revolution had many major achievements.

Islamic Revolution Revived Society’s Islamic Identity

Speaking to IQNA, Ayatollah Mohsen Araki, secretary general
of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought, said one of the
major achievements of Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution was reviving the society’s
Islamic identity.

He said that the society’s culture was under the influence of
and humiliated by foreigners and there was a lack of a unified social identity but
the victory of the Islamic Revolution changed that.

With the revolution’s victory, he said, the society’s
Islamic identity was revived and a strong resolve was created for countering the
dominance of outsiders in Islamic countries.

He also said that the Islamic Revolution brought about an
evolution in the society’s culture and led to the development of spirituality.

It also opened the way for economic development with an eye
to the internal capabilities and potentials, he went on to say.

Iranian nation toppled the US-backed Pahlavi regime 38 years
ago, ending the 2,500 years of monarchic rule in the country.

The Islamic Revolution spearheaded by the late Imam Khomeini
established a new political system based on Islamic values and democracy.

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