Iraqi Sunni, Shia Groups Reach Deal on Post-Daesh Iraq

TEHRAN (IQNA) – The biggest Shia and Sunni blocs at Iraq’s parliament arrived at a preliminary agreement on how to get the country back on its feet after the expected defeat of the Daesh terror group, which is largely on its last legs.

Iraqi Sunni, Shia Groups Reach Deal on Post-Daesh Iraq

Leaders from the Shia National Iraqi Alliance (INA) and
Sunni Iraqi Forces Coalition (IFC) worked out the deal, meeting at Parliament
Speaker Salim al-Jabouri’s residence earlier this week, media reports said.

The meeting, the first one envisaging the pragmatics of a
Daesh-free Iraq, featured talks between Jabouri and INA Leader Ammar al-Hakim.

“A quasi-agreement on a settlement was reached,” the Sunni
grouping’s Matshar al-Samarrai said, Press TV reported.

According to Jabouri, the two sides agreed on the importance
of abandoning a “winner-takes-all mentality,” and saw eye to eye that
compromise and cooperation were necessary towards rebuilding the country from
the ravages of the 2014-present Daesh-led terrorism.

Samarrai said he had asked the INA to “launch initiatives
that will build hope among political factions. These initiatives should include
the return of displaced persons to their cities, restoration of land to
residents…and release of those innocently imprisoned.”

Joint volunteer and military forces are, meanwhile, leading
a push to flush Daesh out of the northern city of Mosul, its last stronghold in

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Tuesday that it
would take three months to rid the country of the group.

“I foresee that in Iraq it will take three months,” said
Abadi, adding, “The remarkable successes achieved by our brave and heroic
fighters reduced that,” referring to the time needed to vanquish the terror

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