Iraqi Resistance Groups Contest Elections’ Final Results

(IQNA) – The Coordination Committee of the Iraqi said it rejects the results of the country’s recent parliamentary announced on Tuesday.

Iraqi resistance groups


The committee said in a statement that the outcome had already been prepared by the electoral commission, al-Maaloumah website reported.

The commission and the have not handled the objections to the results properly and seriously, it said, adding that the evidence of fraud provided by different political groups necessitated manual recount of the ballots.

There has been widespread fraud and manipulation in the outcome of the and that is why the committee is not accepting the results and is going to file a complaint to the federal court to annul the elections, the statement went on to say.

The committee is comprised of Fatah Alliance, the State of Law Alliance, Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq political party, Kata’ib as well as other Shia factions.

The final results of the recount were announced by the Iraqi High Electoral Commission on Tuesday.

According to preliminary results announced on Oct. 11, the Sairoon Alliance led by came first in ’s elections, taking 73 seats.

A total of 329 seats were up for grabs in the elections.

The Fatah Alliance has won 20 seats, down from 48 seats in the 2018 vote.




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