Iraqi Kurdistan Region’s Qari Recites Verses about Holy Prophet

(IQNA) – On the occasion of the Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) birthday and the Week, the International Quran News Agency held an initiative in which qaris send recordings of their recitation of verses from the Quran about the Prophet (PBUH).   


One of the qaris taking part in the plan is Kuchar Omar Ali, an internationally acclaimed qari from the Region.

He sent IQNA a recording containing his recitation of verses 1-7 of Surah al-Qalam (68):

“Nun. By the pen and by what you write, (Muhammad), you are not insane, thanks to the bounty of your Lord. You will certainly receive a never-ending reward. And most surely you conform (yourself) to sublime morality. So you shall see, and they (too) shall see, Which of you is afflicted with madness. Surely your Lord best knows him errs from His way, and He best knows the followers of the right course.”

Kuchar Omar Ali is the director of Quran Recitation and Adhan at the Iqra Quranic Center in Sulaymaniyah. He is also the president of an international Quran recitation festival named Khaal.

Born in 1982 in Sulaymaniyah, he is a pediatrician by profession.




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