Iran,Syria confer on boosting transportation ties

: “Rostam Ghasemi,” on Thursday after a meeting with “Samer Al-Khalil,” the Minister of of Syria in Damascus, told : “During the meeting, it was decided to implement the issues of the memorandums and agreements that exist between and Syria.”

Ghasemi added: “An has been reached between Iran and Iraq to connect the two countries’ railways; I hope that the next step is to connect the Iraqi railway to Syria, to provide this from Iran to Syria and to the .”

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The of Iran also said that the expansion of maritime , the increase of Iran-Syria flights, and the development of land communication routes were among the essential issues emphasized in the meeting.

A high-ranking Iranian economic delegation headed by Rostam Ghasemi arrived in Damascus on Wednesday.

Arriving in Damascus, Ghasemi stressed the Iranian government’s will to develop economic relations with Syria and achieve real economic partnerships.


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