Iran’s Int’l Quran Contest: Members of Panel of Judges Announced

TEHRAN (IQNA) – The organizing committee of Iran’s 34th International Holy Quran Competition announced the names of the competition’s panel of judges.

Iran’s Int’l Quran Contest: Members of Panel of Judges Announced 

The competition will kick off in the Iranian capital of
Tehran on April 19.

According to the organizing committee, 40 Quran experts, 26
men and 14 women, from different countries will assess the performance of the contenders
in the men and women sections.

In the men section, Sami al-Uthamina from Jordan, Munir
Muhammad Aqla from Syria, Taha Muhammad Abdul Wahab from Egypt, Syed Aqil Hussein
al-Munawar from Indonesia, Mahmoud Shakir al-Kharkhi from Iraq, Bu Saada Omar
from Algeria and Ali Al-Zayn from Sudan are some of the foreign members of the panel.

There are also senior Iranian Quran masters in the panel.
including Ahmad Abolqassemi, Abdul Rasoul Abaei, Motaz Aghaei and Mohammad Reza

The foreign Quran experts slated to serve in the panel of
judges in the women section are from Indonesia, Iraq, Yemen, Bahrain and

Quran memorizers and reciters from 80 countries are expected
to take part in the international Quranic event this year.

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