Iran's diplomacy on right track: Leader

“Correction/Thank God, the country’s is on the right track. What is now being considered in [the country’s] diplomacy is the . The Iranian negotiating team informs the president, the and other officials about the process [of the ], make relevant decisions, and move forward. So far, our negotiating team has been resisting the other side’s excessive demands, and this [trend] will continue, God willing,” said Ayatollah Khamenei according to the account of the .

On the tenth day of the auspicious month of , the heads of power branches, officials and government authorities as well as a group of senior managers of various sectors, members of parliament, and political activists met with the Leader of the Ayatollah Khamenei on Tuesday afternoon.

During the meeting, the Leader advised the Iranian officials absolutely not to tie their work planning to and move forward and not to let the result of the talks, whether positive or negative, hinder their plans and the country’s affairs.

Expressing his satisfaction over the performance of the Iranian nuclear negotiators at the talks, he added that the Iranian team to the negotiations has so far resisted and will continue to resist excessive demands.


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