Iran’s biggest toy show attracts families on Ramadan nights

Yusef Jalali


Iranian-made toys are on display in Tehran during the seventh national festival of toys and games. 

The toy in has been booming over the past decade. Thanks to measures taken by authorities, Iran has moved from hot market for Chinese and European toys to a hub for local producers. Organizers say 100 domestic manufacturers are here to showcase their products.

Aside from its fun part, organizers say this seeks to educate families on what games and toys can better develop their kids’ talents, and also to acquaint parents with the significance of toys in shaping the future of their .

We have all grown up with toys, and most likely still remember them. But skipping the entertaining part, experts say toys must represent the culture and lifestyle of a nation to better play their educational role.

And that’s one of the goals of this expo; organizers say they seek to promote Iranian-made toys and games to tailor them to domestic culture and at the same time help boost local businesses.

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