Iranian University to Hold Free Memorization Course for Women

(IQNA) – Tehran-based Alzahra University is set to stage a Quran memorization course for .

women Quran reciters, memorizers


The course will train learners to memorize five surahs of Ya-Sin, Al-Waqi’a, Ar-Rahman, An-Nur, and Al-Mulk.

The course constitutes eight sessions that will kick off on November 17 and will be staged each Wednesday via online platforms. The registration goes on until Monday and women from all walks of life can enroll.

The top three learners of the course will receive special awards.

In addition to memorization, tips on tajweed recitation will also be given to the attendees.

This is part of Alzahra University’s plans for the “Week of Quran and Etrat in ”.

Established in 1964, Alzahra University is the only comprehensive women’s university in and the .


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