Iran, Tajikistan trade volume exchange could hit €500mn

During the meeting, the two sides explored avenues for enhancing especially after the historic visit of Seyyed Ebrahim to as his first foreign tour.

Seyyed Ehsan Khandouzi, Iranian Nizamuddin Zahedi said that preliminary grounds should be provided in line with promoting bilateral and between the two countries to the level of €500 million.

Turning to the effort of the Islamic Republic of for developing and enhancing relations with neighboring states, the Iranian minister placed special emphasis on the need for planning long-term cooperation in Iran’s technical and economic fields.

In the subsequent meetings, it was envisioned that senior officials of the two countries of Iran and Tajikistan would follow up the issues such as signing Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) in bilateral technical and as presented in the recent visit of the Iranian president to Tajikistan.

Khandouzi also stressed the need for the promotion of trade and economic relations between the two countries to the level of €500 million.


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